I started my photography business by taking photos of families, perhaps because of this it always has a special place in my heart. Many of the families I photograph come back each year, I love to see how much the children have grown. I think of these families as friends and feel honoured to be chosen to take a snap shot of their lives together.

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My favourite places are in the bare nature. I feel very connected to forest & beach. Usually I look around my neighbourhood for the best spots. My clients often tell me that they never would have though a simple looking lawn can look so stunning on the pics. Sometimes the place where the session takes places looks magical on the photos just in the reality not always we can spot it.

What to prepare?

Once you book with me I will send you an exclusive guide about all aspects of the family session. In that guide you will have details about what you need to prepare, take with you, what you should expect and how to make sure the session goes smoothly and the photos turn out very natural. Also we will be in touch via phone and mail so any doubts or questions will be answered there. if you have questions before booking with me please don't hesitate to send me a message


Costa Del Sol is amazing all year round. I love sunsets in summer and winter time. They look a tad different but both looks are just stunning. So don't wait for the perfect time. Anytime is perfect for creating memories.

What's the price?

The session fee starts at £350.

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