Hi, I am Anna Miel

I am a wedding & family photographer.

I try to capture the beauty of life though my photography: I love playing with the light and capturing emotions with my camera. What is my objective? To make you happy with your wedding photos and that it tells your story.

My beginnings

Since I can remember I was always very interested in arts, painting and photography. Only when my daughter was born I realised that finally I had time to evaluate my so far professional life and I discovered I wanted to do photography. So I studied really hard (long nights) and naturally it became my beloved profession.

I speak Polish, English, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. I use all of the languages with my clients.

My aim

My purpose is to make my clients happy about their story, love and bound. During your wedding you won't probably notice me much because I shoot in a very natural way. When I am with my couples and families I ask them to enjoy the moment and not look at me. If you are looking for a wedding photographer who takes very natural looking photos where the first plan are love & emotion then please don't hesitate to send me a message! We can start talking about your big day.

Costa del Sol & Gibraltar is my home

I have been living in Sotogrande for almost a decade now. It is my new home. I love Cadiz beaches, Andalusian white villages and Mediterranean sunset light. My business is in Gibraltar where I go a few times a week for weddings.

That's my story

I would love to know yours. Would you like to tell me what you need?

YEs, LEt's do



“Anna photographed our wedding and the pictures are amazing. We wanted someone with a laid-back and sensitive style and couldn’t find a photographer better than Anna. She is so talented! The photos represent exactly the atmosphere of our big day. I definitely recommend her. Five stars are not enough.”