Sometimes as an artist I have a vision and that vision urges me to create. I can't stop thinking about certain ideas and they kind of chase me. It was like that with this session. The place was where I go to do CrossFit and one morning I realised it looks very dreamy and foggy. Straight away I knew I need to photograph there! I arranged the key to open the gate for me and on a Sunday morning I woke up my very excited kids. Gosh it was very cold! But the results are stunning and it made me feel very happy about it!

Portrait mother with two kids on a sunrise
Mother and two kids on a lawn smiling
a happy portrait of a mother and two kids
Beautiful sunset portrait
Portrait of a mother and son dancing on a lawn
Portrait of a boy standing on a lawn
Sunrise portrait of a girl standing looking to the camera
Portrait of a girl
Happy boy portrait
a girl in a communion dress and wellies running
photographer posing for a photo
auto portrait of a photographer
Portrait of a photographer
Boy happy standing at sunrise
Communion girl running on a lawn

About this session

The photos were taken at the very sunrise, at 8 am on a Sunday morning in Tesorillo, Andalusia.

We used only clothes we had in the house, no props. A day before I went to look for the dried flowers and collected them. The only props were my daughter's wellies from Hunters. I love them very much!