Couple giving a nut to a monkey

My last wedding in 2021 turned out to be a gorgeous couple who travelled from Venezuela and germany to be able to start a new life together! The weather on that day was horrendous and I worried the storm wouldn't let us take amazing pictures but I think in the end it worked out in our favour. The wedding was organised by Hour Weddings at Caleta Hotel in Gibraltar ( soon to be changed into first Hilton Hotel in Gibraltar).

Despite the rain we managed to go around Gibraltar as planned. We went to the Top of the Rock, Visited (really quick) the Skywalk and moved to the other side of the Rock with some greenery and the city views.

The most important is your attitude on your wedding, any weather conditions can look amazing on the photos with a big smile of yours!

Groom and bride on top of Gibraltar during rain

In summer these parts of Gibraltar are super busy and get very crowded. These are the perks on bad weather, no traffic jams ;)

Bride and groom climbing stairs to get to skywalk
Bride smiling to the camera
Groom with bride overlooking Gibraltar
Groom and bride on top of the Rock
Groom and bride laughing
Gibraltar monkeys jumping
Groom and bride looking into each other's eyes
Groom and bride walking in Gibraltar
Groom and bride portrait
Bride's back of the dress admired by the groom
Bride and groom with arms up

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