Ever since Amy messaged me for the first time I knew we would have an amazing time together! Both Franco and her were super energetic and full of happiness! When I first saw them face to face I had a WOW moment! Amazing styling, fabulous flowers (Amy is a florist so no wonder hey) and the most important ultra happy attitude!

These guys were an absolute bomb! What made the day so special? Them being absolutely relaxed and being in the moment, enjoying the day to the fullest. No phones, no worries about anything. They were lucky to have their friends from Mexico to be their witnesses. Have a look at the gallery and enjoy! We went around the Town, Alameda Gardens and to Camp Bay area.

groom and bride fun portrait
Groom and bride moving towards each other at Convent
groom and bride laughing
Groom and bride portrait at Alameda Gardens
Groom and bride smiling at Camp Bay
Groom and bride walking the stairs down
Newly weds at Camp Bay
Bride walking at Camp Bay

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