Gibraltar Elopement Guide

If you are thinking of eloping in Gibraltar you are in the right place! In this guide you will find all the necessary information about how to elope stress free in Gibraltar!

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Why is Gibraltar so famous for elopements?

Gibraltar has become a popular destination for elopements due to several reasons. Firstly, its location at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula makes it a convenient destination for couples looking to get married quickly and easily without having to deal with the red tape and bureaucracy often associated with getting married in other countries. Additionally, Gibraltar offers a beautiful and scenic setting for elopements, with its stunning rock formations, historic sites, and stunning beaches providing a romantic backdrop for couples.

Another factor contributing to Gibraltar's popularity as an elopement destination is its marriage laws, which are considered to be more relaxed and straightforward compared to other countries. In Gibraltar, there are no residency requirements, and the process of obtaining a marriage license is relatively straightforward and can often be done quickly. This, combined with its warm and sunny climate, has made Gibraltar an attractive destination for couples looking to elope.

Overall, Gibraltar's combination of a beautiful and romantic setting, straightforward marriage laws, and its location as a convenient gateway to Europe have all contributed to its popularity as an elopement destination.

Surely we can say that Gibraltar is a European Las Vegas when it comes to quick weddings!

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What is an elopement?

Originally to elope meant "run away secretly in order to get married".

Well, not anymore! Nowadays it can still be a secret but many times I find that couples tell their relatives they are going to get married but they still prefer an intimate celebration. Not everyone is made for a huge wedding with people they saw last 20 years ago so I totally get that! Some couples prefer to have the celebration more low key and enjoy the moment with the partner rather than having to organise a huge party.

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Why to elope in Gibraltar?

Elopements are particularily popular in Gibraltar so watch this space! It is very common for couples to "escape" to the very southern tip of Europe to say yes! Why? Because it is sooo romantic and cool :) Gibraltar is known to be the easiest place to get married in Europe!

Apart from the fact that it is very easy paperwork wise, Gibraltar has got a lot to offer: amazing views (spectacular location between Medditerean and Atlantic) plus an unbeatable fact: Spain is just across the border within a walking distance! That means after having eloped you can go for honeymoon to Spain or Portugal (that takes 4 hours very pleasant drive).

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What paperwork is needed to get married in Gibraltar?

Before I get into the details you need to absolutely know this: In order to get married in Gibraltar you must show up at there Registry Office one day before the wedding in order to show your documents in person!

Registry office in Gibraltar is Address: 3 Secretary's Lane, Gibraltar GX11 1AA, Gibraltar Phone: +350 200 72289

Requirements for getting married:

  • A Gibraltar hotel bill covering the night before or the night after the ceremony;
  • Passport, National Identity Card or other acceptable form of identity;
  • Original full Birth Certificate showing parents’ names (or Adoption Certificate).

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How much does a wedding cost in Gibraltar

If you're planning a small, intimate ceremony, you may be able to keep costs low by choosing a simple venue, opting for a registry office wedding, and keeping the guest list small.

Elopements in Gibraltar are inexpensive! If you decide to have a registry wedding it is only £40 for the ceremony and £67 for the licence (that fee applies in each case). It costs more if you pick a different location than the registry - on weekday the ceremony fee is £140 (vs £40) and on weekends £240.

It's also important to factor in other expenses such as transportation, accommodation, and any legal fees associated with getting married in Gibraltar. Additionally, if you're planning a destination wedding and inviting guests from abroad, you may also need to consider the cost of travel and accommodation for your guests.

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Best elopement location in Gibraltar

This is a very subjective choice but for me the most beautiful location for elopement in Gibraltar is the Dell at Alameda Gardens. It is perfect for an intimate ceremony & small wedding (up to 10 people I would say it it perfect).

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Best locations for elopement session in Gibraltar

These are my top locations for pics in Gibraltar:

  • (My absolute number one) Top of the Rock: with incredible views and monkeys this place is unbeatable! You can go up with Cable Car which is a great photo opportunity too! (TIP: if you book a ceremony or lunch in Monse Calpe the ride up and back is free of charge). My favourite spots on top are Skywalk, Ohara Battery, Suspension Bridge and some other stops around Skywalk

  • Camp & Rosia Bay: a place with history! it is the place where Lord Nelson was brought to after winning a battle back in 1805 (unfortunately he died). I use this area for the views and some rocks in the background

  • Alameda Gardens: The most iconic botanical garden in Gibraltar, beautifully designed and thoroughly maintained! It doesn't matter which time of the year you go there it is always gorgeous!

  • Lighthouse area: I am not a huge fan of the Lighthouse itself to be honest, but I think the area itself is quite interesting for photos. Marocco views, sunset and some rocky background - that's how I would describe this place!

  • The Town area: The obvious choice for the couples who get married at the Registry Office - the Town area is just nearby! I love narrow streets, beautiful patios or super photogenic doors!

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Best time of the year for an elopement in Gibraltar

I would say summer and autumn! Be aware summer is ultra hot and humid! Autumn is lovely, with amazing temperatures and everything blooming around.

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