Bistro Point Gibraltar Wedding

Bistro Point is a very popular wedding venue in Gibraltar. Located at the very southern part of the penninsula, it offers stunning views over the Mediterranean and Atlantic Sea.

The venue on a normal day is a busy restaurant changing into fun wedding venue about 100 times a year.

Because of its location you have a direct access to amazing spots for pictures: the Lighthouse is about 5 minutes walk (can drive easily, parking isn't a problem there for most of the times). I love also lower bits down from the venue that offer amazing views and sunset photo location.

Bride's hands
Bride getting ready
Details of the hair of the bride
Bride Getting dressed
Bride's hairstyle

The bride went for ultra elegant and everlasting look with black, beige and off-white tones. You cannot get wrong with that! It creates this very harmonic colour scheme and super elegant at the same time.

The ceremony was at the terrace of Bistro Point, after that the guests enjoyed a cocktail hour. We went for a sunset session around and up to the Rock: the Battery and Skywalk area.

One interesting prop the bride decided to introduced was sparklers! have a look down how cool it looked!

Group photo at a wedding at Bistro Point
Bride and groom kissing
Bride posing with two babies
Bride surrounded by bridesmaides
Bride and groom under a veil
Bride and groom close portrait
Groom and bride at the sunset portrait
Bride holding the face of groom
Decor at Bistro point in Gibraltar
Wedding decorations setup at Bistro Point
Wedding decorations at Bistro Point
Bistro Point views
Bride and groom kiss
Bride surrounded by bridesmaides
Bride walking at sunset
Bride and groom walking at sunset
Bride and groom at sunset
Bride and groom surrounded by monkeys from Gibraltar
Sparkles wedding photo at Bistro Point in Gibraltar

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