Sunborn Gibraltar Wedding guide

This Sunborn Gibraltar Wedding Guide has all the information to plan a perfect celebration, plus some amazing photos to inspire you and get you excited!

Sunborn Gibraltar Wedding Location

Sunborn Gibraltar is a 5 star floating Yacht Hotel. It's equipped with 187 rooms, a ballroom and 2 restaurants. It's located in Ocean Village Marina, 5 minutes walk from Gibraltar Airport and the Spanish border.

Sunborn is one of the very favourites of my couples. It offers a variety of services under one roof. It's an exclusive hotel with excellent restaurant, fun casino and an amazing spa. You do not need to (if you don’t want to) leave the hotel pretty much!

Your wedding ceremony at Sunborn Yacht Hotel

The best place for your wedding ceremony is the top Deck. It has excellent views and a quite good vibe. The registrar comes from the Registry Office and marries you there. A fun fact: you are responsible for arranging a taxi for the registrar to arrive at the venue.

Be prepared to spend some money on decor

The deck on its own looks quite bland and in my opinion it needs some decoration. If you are prepared to splurge some money on the decor it can look really fabulous. My suggestion? Go monochrome (my favourite). Means don’t go with many colours, keep one colour for example light beige as the main accent (it contrasts very well with the colour of blue sea). Another great idea is to set up fairy lights for the night, it looks absolutely magical. 

Some couples don't have any decor and that is fine too of course, the background is pleasant so it's not a big issue. Yet if you can afford fresh flowers then it can really look life fairytale.

The reception at Sunborn - Top Deck or Ballroom

There are two options to choose from: the top Deck or Ballroom. They both very different, offering completely different vibes.

The Deck offers beautiful views over the Medditerean and sunset during summer months. You can have up to 50 guests at banquet setting or up to 100 if it's a cocktail setting.

It can get very hot on the deck, especially in summer (the hottest month tends to be August). Having some shades is absolutely essential. You can opt for your dinner on the deck too, and it looks magical with the sunset.

The Ballroom has extended capacity for up to 250 guests. The biggest advantages are the huge space and the air conditioning, so much appreciated during the summer months. You must consider it doesn't have any natural light coming in.

A typical order of the wedding day at Sunborn Hotel

Typical plan for a wedding at Sunborn starts around 2 pm with the preparations. The ceremony tends to be at 5pm followed by a cocktail hour. I usually go with my couples around 6 pm around Gibraltar for an hour or two. After coming back we move to dinner and speeches part. I finish the day photographing the first dance and a bit of the party, that is usually around 22. 

Vendors you might need to make your wedding celebrations amazing

Sunborn Hotel: ask for Nikola

Wedding Planners: Hour Weddings and Medweddings

Flowers: La casa de las Flores

MUA & Hair: Debyhairandmakeup and Ella Megan

MUA: Nyree Chipolina

Taxi: Paul del Mar +35054000998

Sunborn Wedding Prices