My personal favourite wedding venues in Gibraltar!

Botanical Gardens - The Dell

Although it is not a venue per se, it is definitely the most iconic wedding location in Gibraltar! It has wonderful greenery, beautifully shaped exotic trees and for most time of the year it is full with blooming flowers around. Any time of the year it looks stunning! If you like nature, greenery and elegant vibe then that's the spot for you. The Dell can be hired for a maximum 25 people but there are a few places within the gardens that offer a higher capacity.

Sunborn Hotel

Sunborn Hotel is for people who love celebrations with a bang! This is one of the very favourite venues of my clients. It has an amazing deck for weddings, with beautiful views and great vibe. It is also conveniently situated among loads of bars and restaurants.

You can read more about this venue in my Sunborn Wedding Guide.

Bistro Point

Bistro Point is located in the very Southern part of Gibraltar, really close to Lighthouse. The views over Morocco are spectacular! It is also very easy to get to the Top of the Rock from there.

The Rock Hotel

One of the best places in Gibraltar! I love the colonial style of the premises as well as the views. It is very close to Alameda Gardens so very convenient if you plan your session there too.

Wedding venues in Gibraltar - summary

There are definitely awesome spots in Gibraltar, but you need to be aware it is a very restricted number in the very Gibraltar due to the fact is a tiny teeny peninsula :)

I would say the number of the guest is the deciding factor here. If you want to ask me a question or you have some doubts, please message me and I will try to help!